Where to Live in 2022: Global Best


Remote work is going to be a permanent part of the global business landscape. On Toolbox, Panther CEO Matt Redler predicted that companies worldwide will also be hiring globally to have access to the best talent. This gives people the freedom to choose where to live, provided there is a strong and reliable internet connection.

Best Countries in 2021

USNews published a list of the 10 countries with the best quality of life in 2021. This was compiled by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the BAV Group from a global survey of over 17,000 people. The ranking was based on 76 metrics including the job market, income equality, affordability, economic and political stability, safety, having a well-developed public health system and public education system, and being family-friendly.

Canada topped the list, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, and New Zealand. The United States landed on the 20th spot.

Best Countries in 2022

The World Population Review published a list of the top 10 most livable countries in 2022 based on the United Nation’s Human Development Report. The factors considered include gender equality, literacy, financial stability, and average life expectancy. Populations in these 10 countries are the most stable worldwide and residents are the happiest and healthiest in the world.

Norway got first place, followed by a tie between Ireland and Switzerland for second place. Iceland and Hong Kong tied for third place. Germany placed fourth, followed by Sweden. Australia and the Netherlands tied for sixth place, followed by Denmark.

MoveHub posted its list of Best Countries to Move Into in 2022 based on the quality of life; economic conditions; basic services from the government; racial, gender, and LGBT equality; environmental policies; and the people’s level of happiness. The top eight were New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

William Russell Insurance has its own list of best countries based on income potential, healthcare, education, and quality of life, among others. The top five are Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Singapore, and Australia.

It is interesting to note the countries that consistently took spots in these lists from 2021 to 2022. Switzerland placed fourth in 2021 but landed first in one 2022 list, and second in two others. Norway placed third in 2021 but placed first in one 2022 list, then third and sixth. Australia placed fifth in 2021 but landed third in one 2022 list, then fifth and sixth.


The country has ranked in other previous listings, as well. It topped last year’s HSBC expatriate survey and the 2021 World Happiness Report. It also got third place in the 2020 Environmental Performance Index of Yale University.

This is not surprising since it has a successful economy with a Gini coefficient much lower than many European nations at 0.299. A lower number means there is a low level of income inequality. There are good jobs with good pay. It ranks second worldwide in average life expectancy due to its exceptional universal healthcare system. It stands neutral in global politics, making it a haven in turbulent times.

The affordability index of house and land property prices in 2022 is at 2.11, ranking 15th out of 112 countries. The average property price per square meter as of January this year was $10,575.06. All these come amid great weather and beautiful scenery.


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In the 2021 Social Progress Index, this country was cited for providing the best opportunities, inclusiveness, and level of personal freedom to its residents. Its Gini coefficient at 0.262 is even lower than Switzerland’s. It ranks third worldwide in average life expectancy with a healthcare system that is free for anyone who pays taxes. Its culture is eco-friendly with 97 percent of electricity from renewable fuel sources.

The affordability index of home prices in 2022 is at 1.92, ranking 21st out of 112 countries. The average property price per square meter as of January this year was $5,610.34. Imagine living in the place where the Northern Lights light up the skies.


In MoveHub’s list of countries with access to higher education, Australia placed second. It did so as well for air quality. For personal safety, it ranked fourth. Among the most liberal countries in the world, it placed 10th. It also offers high-quality healthcare for free.

The affordability index of housing prices in 2022 is at two. It ranks 18th out of 112 countries. The average property price per square meter as of January this year was $5,299.38. The homes enjoy about 3,000 hours of sunlight year-round.

Given the opportunity, anyone would choose to live in a place where the quality of life is best. This is becoming more attainable to a growing number of people as work opportunities are becoming global. It may be time to look at your options, as well.

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