Con-Do’s and Don’ts: Pointers for Choosing the Right Condo

condo with pool

Living alone is an exciting prospect, as a way to become independent and learn things by yourself. The time that you have your own property might be far away, however, especially if you don’t have that much income or savings yet.

Fortunately, there is a more affordable and convenient option you can consider—condominiums. They’re a stepping stone towards home ownership and property management, allowing you to learn more about these topics with a lessened pressure of home maintenance.

Not all condos are built equal, however. When looking at potential condos, make sure to evaluate these aspects, too.


Most of the following items on this list are affected by the developers and managers of the condo. That’s why you have to do your due research when it comes to the administration. If they have a reputation for proper management and well-developed properties, you can be sure that the condo you’re looking at will be a good place to live in.

Property developers survey property locations; they also oversee its construction. Expert real estate property developers will know the best sites for your condo. Also, they’ll hire the right people to ensure that the finished building will have excellent facilities.

Property managers are the ones who handle the condo every day. They must have the traits of a good manager since you’ll be relying on them for your condo’s management. They should be able to handle your home issues quickly and reliably.

Interior Layout

An excellent condo should not only possess the required rooms of a home but also have it arranged in a way that feels comfortable and easy to use. It’s important because the constant minor inconveniences that you experience with it will lower the quality of living in the future.

Pay attention to the quality of the furniture used, along with the layout they follow. For example, you’ll want a living area that allows you to relax, so its furniture, such as the sofa, table, and TV, should feel pleasant in both make and arrangement.

Offered Facilities

Amenities and facilities are one of the main selling points of living in a condo. It allows you to pursue the hobbies you enjoy without the hassle of facility maintenance. You should look for some of these facilities when considering various condos.

A pool and gym are the most common yet essential facilities. They allow the residents to relax and unwind while keeping physically fit. Rooftop pools are all the craze nowadays, as the stars and night breeze can feel quite calming during the night.

Recreational spaces are also a plus, especially if they coincide with your interests. Otherwise, it’s a good way to find new hobbies to try. Fitness centers offer a variety of activities, such as yoga and dancing. Spa centers, meanwhile, are an excellent way to reward and pamper yourself at the end of a long week.


the right condo

It might feel like listening to a broken record at this point, but it’s still worth saying due to its importance—location matters. If your home is near the essential establishments in the city, it can make the everyday living way easier.

Practically speaking, you want to find a condo that is near where you work. Commuting won’t be an issue when it comes to traveling to and from work. If your workplace is situated in a business district, then you’re in luck. You can find various properties all around the area.

Your condo should also be near hospitals and groceries. The former is essential for convenient, regular healthcare and, if needed, immediate medical attention. Meanwhile, the latter will make restocking trips easier.

Don’t rush your decision while you’re evaluating the condos you want to live in. It’s a place that you’ll stay in for a long time, so you want to ensure that it’s a place that will accommodate your living needs adequately.

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